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SteriShoe UV Shoe Sanitizer Review – The BEST Shoe Sanitizer

The BEST Shoe Sanitizer – Your Search is OverSmelly Feet

Are you suffering from toenail fungus, Athlete’s Foot or just plain ole’ smelly feet and shoes and want to stop it in its tracks?

To read more about what to look for when searching for the best shoe sanitizer, please click HERE!

If you are wanting to know more about the risk factors for toenail fungus and other foot conditions, please click HERE!


If you have ALREADY decided that a shoe sterilizer is definitely what you need and are in the process of researching the multitude of brands out there, then look no further!

As a podiatrist who faces foot problems on a day-to-day basis and recommends aDr Misty Picture multitude of high-quality products to my patients every day, I have done my fair share of research on shoe sterilizers.

I have personally seen what works and what doesn’t.

Read more about me by clicking here!

While I cannot say this on every product that I recommend, I can say, without a doubt, that one particular shoe sterilizer stands far above the rest.

I have seen it in action and am here to tell you all about it!

SteriShoe UV Shoe Sanitizer – Product Review

Product: SteriShoe UV Shoe SanitizerSteriShoe Shoe Sterilizer

Price: $149.95

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Effectiveness: 99.9%

Guarantee: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee directly from manufacturer

Customer Service & Support: EXCELLENT!

My Rating: 9.9 out of 10! AMAZING PRODUCT!


SteriShoe UV Shoe Sanitizer – Product Overview

SteriShoe is a well-known UV shoe sterilizer and deodorizer brand having over 80,000APMA Stamp of Approval satisfied customers throughout the world!

It is literally the best-selling brand in its market and has even received the American Podiatric Medicine seal of approval, which is not an easy task to do.

The device, SteriShoe UV Shoe Sanitizer, is 99.9% effective in eliminating the germs that cause Athlete’s Foot, toenail fungus, warts and even shoe odor! This is possible via the use of a UV light of the same caliber as those utilized to sterilize operating rooms in hospitals.

You cannot get much more effective than that!

SteriShoe was initially developed in 2008. The company has taken much pride in listening to its consumers’ feedback and has, over the last 10 years, literally perfected its shoe Picture of Thumbs Upsanitizer.

They stand by their commitment to your satisfaction by even offering a full refund for your purchase if you do not find that the germs lurking within your shoes (and their horrible smell) are gone within 30 days!

This product has been featured on programs such as “The Dr. Oz Show”, “The Doctors”, “Good Morning America”, and even in “The Wall Street Journal”.

I have included a clip about the product as seen on The Doctors below! PICTURE OF AN EXCLAMATION POINT

This video clip is actually from one of the original products and states to leave the product in the shoe for 45 minutes. This new SteriShoe product now only takes 15 minutes!!!


Who Should Use the SteriShoe UV Shoe Sanitizer?

According to most podiatrists, EVERYONE that is wanting to be pro-active with their foot health should utilize the SteriShoe UV Shoe Sanitizer.

But… you should especially consider the use of this product if you have a history of Athlete’s Foot or toenail fungus, have an active infection on the foot, if you have a weak immune system or if you have smelly shoes and feet.

We wash our clothes, right?

Why shouldn’t we sterilize our shoes?PICTURE OF PINT OF MILK

Our feet can sweat up to a pint of sweat per day. Think about it… that is a milk carton from the cafeteria of sweat! GROSS!

Do we really want that sitting in our shoes and hosting all the nasty microorganisms that thrive in that environment?

SteriShoe UV Shoe Sanitizer – How Does It Work?

We briefly mentioned above how this product works via UV light. But… are you wanting to learn more?

It is the specific wavelength of ultraviolet C light that makes the SteriShoe UV Shoe Sanitizer so effective. This 253.7nm wavelength is termed “germicidal”. In simple terms, it means that this light, also known as UVC, kills germs!

SteriShoe UV

This product has been tested on the top three fungi that cause nail fungus and Athlete’s Foot as well as odor-causing bacteria and was verified to destroy 99.9% of these microorganisms.


How Do I Use the SteriShoe UV Shoe Sanitizer?

It’s so easy to use the SteriShoe UV Shoe Sanitizer that you could almost do it with your eyes closed.

You simply insert the product into each of your shoes (each device includes two units – oneSteriShoe for each shoe), connect the AC power adapter and press the “ON” button.

You can then go about your day or evening knowing that the dangerous organisms lurking within your shoes are being eliminated while the 15-minute process takes place.

You do NOT even need to worry about watching the clock and having to return to your shoes after the specified 15 minutes. Why?

This device has an automatic turn-off. You can either remove the device from your shoes, or leave it in until you decide to wear your shoes again or begin the cycle on another pair of shoes.


How is This Device Better Than the Rest?

It is hard to compare products that you have not used!

Lucky for me (and you too), I have patients all the time that bring in different devices that they have purchased prior to talking to me.

I get to actually see and hear first-hand some things that they have experienced with each of these devices AND I am here to share some of this information with you!

Design – The largest difference that I see amongst a multitude of the other shoe sterilizersSteriShoe Design and the SteriShoe UV Shoe Sanitizer is its design.

Believe it or not, the design of these devices have A LOT to do with their efficiency.

Most of the other products out there have a plastic cover over the UV light. Plastic merely absorbs UVC, blocks it from reaching the inside of the shoe and causes it to become ineffective.

SteriShoe, however, has a much more open design thereby allowing it to provide direct exposure to the shoe interior. As a result, you get a much more effective penetration and therefore an increase in effectiveness.

Safety Features – It is proven that UV light can be harmful if you look directly at it.

ThePICTURE OF STERISHOE UV SHOE SANITIZER IN BAG SteriShoe UV Shoe Sanitizer comes equipped with safety features that prevent the lamp from lighting if it is not fully enclosed within your shoe.

For utilization on more open-toed shoe gear, a bag is included in which to isolate the lighting within the confinement of the bag.

Sizing – The SteriShoe UV Shoe Sanitizer comes as a one-size-fits-all device!

This eliminates sizing errors and allows you to share the product with family and friends thereby making it more economical.

Scents – One large quality that separates this product from its competitors is the fact thatSteriShoe Scent It comes with citrus-scented cartridges.

You can utilize these cartridges if you desire to help deodorize footwear with a refreshing scent.

Bulb Durability – Replacement bulbs for this product are easy to find and are priced reasonably.

You can get your replacement bulb by clicking HERE for $14.95.

While it is recommended that you change the bulbs on your device once every two years in order to ensure proper effectiveness, the bulb on the SteriShoe UV Shoe Sanitizer is designed to last between 2000-3000 hours.

You could essentially treat a pair of shoes once a day for seven years!

Most of the complaints that I hear regarding other products include the bulbs “burning out” after 2-3 months.PICTURE OF MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

Warranty/Guarantee – Unlike most of the products out there, and as stated above, SteriShoe offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on their product.

If you are unhappy with ANY detail of this product, you can simply return it for a full refund.

In addition, the SteriShoe UV Shoe Sanitizer also comes with a limited one-year warranty that covers any problems associated with defects in materials or workmanship

I Conclude – SteriShoe UV Shoe Sanitizer is The Best

If you refer to an article that I wrote advising of the qualities to look for in a shoe sanitizer, you can clearly see why SteriShoe UV Shoe Sanitizer is the product that I always recommend to my patients.

It clearly provides everything that you could want in a product of this category.

SteriShoe Plus

There is never been a better time to gain control over your the health of your body and ensure happy, healthy (and nice smelling) feet.


Stop putting your feet in smelly, fungus-filled shoes everyday, and start disinfecting and deodorizing your shoes with SteriShoe UV Shoe Sanitizer – the best shoe sanitizer!


I sincerely hope that you enjoyed this review of the SteriShoe UV Shoe Sanitizer.

Should you have any questions, comments or concerns OR should you want to leave your own review of this awesome product, please leave a comment below.


Dr. Misty

Podiatric Physician and Owner of

The Best Shoe Sanitizer – Does it Exist?

Most of us wash our clothes after each use, correct? OK… maybe for some of us it is after a few wears, but… they still get washed!

So… why do we wear our shoes day after day without even thinking about cleaning them?

The Best Shoe Sanitizer - Dirty Shoes

What is the most effective way to clean them? Simple. Clean them with The Best Shoe Sanitizer!

The BEST Shoe Sanitizer: Why Do You Need One?

Both toenail fungus AND Athlete’s Foot (a.k.a. foot fungus) are prevalent conditions that can cause both embarrassment and foul odors. Who wants this? Definitely NOT me!

If you review the risk factors for toenail fungus, which also applies to Athlete’s Foot, you will see that sweaty feet and poor shoe ventilation magnifies your chances of contracting both.

And… if you already have either foot or toenail fungus, did you know that those tiny spores flake off of your feet and toenails into your shoes (even when you are wearing socks)?

The dark, warm moist environment of your shoes is simply a breeding ground for the fungus. They LOVE this… and they can survive independent of your feet for months in this condition.

This makes it almost impossible to successfully treat your condition with any treatment because you are constantly re-introducing the fungus to your feet!The Best Shoe Sanitizer - Smelly Shoes

Do your shoes smell? Don’t laugh! This is a common condition and it is called  bromhidrosis. Many people suffer from this condition… People both WITH and WITHOUT fungus!

There IS a solution… you CAN eliminate these problems! There are devices called shoe sanitizers! But… how do we find the best shoe sanitizer?

First things first…

What is a Shoe Sanitizer and How Does it Work?

What IS a shoe sanitizer?

Here… I will attempt to break down exactly what a shoe sanitizer is and how the use of one can help you.

To begin… a shoe sanitizer is a product used to disinfect your shoes.

It has the capability toSteriShoe Design eliminate not only particles of toenail fungus, but also other types of fungus that can lead to athlete’s foot as well as unhealthy bacteria that can lead to smelly feet and shoes.

Think of EVERYTHING we put our shoes through!

Whether we are talking about work boots, gym shoes or our favorite pair of casual shoes, we wear shoes over and over and over again!

Our feet naturally perspire! Why would we NOT want clean shoes?

Picture of Thumbs UpIf you have toenail fungus that you are currently treating, had toenail fungus that you just got rid of and don’t want to contract again, have Athlete’s Foot, bought a good pair of used shoes and don’t want to contract any diseases OR just have smelly shoes and feet that you are wanting to eliminate, a shoe sanitizer is the product that you are looking for!

There are a wide variety of shoe sanitizers on the market today, but basically a shoe sanitizer works in one of two ways.

It can either utilize ultraviolet light (UVC) OR gentle ozone heating OR both to kill off the odor-causing bacteria and fungus that resides within our shoes.

These are the same concepts that hospitals utilize when sterilizing medical equipment.

How Do You Find The Best Shoe Sanitizer?

Have you googled Shoe Sanitizers? Are you overwhelmed at all the products offered?

With many brands out there, how do you know which one is the BEST shoe sanitizer?

Hopefully, I can provide you with information that will aid you in making an informed purchase to ensure that both your problems are solved AND you are not throwing your hard-earned money away.

Feel free to read more about me HERE. I am a podiatric physician that LOVES what I do and I have LOTS of experience in this category.

Referring people to products that work is my job… I would NOT put my name behind any item that would disappoint!

Here we go…

Features to Evaluate for The Best Shoe Sanitizer

Some features that you need to look at while searching for the best shoe sanitizer for you include the following:

  • Size – You ALWAYS want to make sure that whatever model of shoe sanitizer that you decide to purchase fits your size shoe. Some products will only fit certain sizes and some are marketed as a one-size-fits-all. This can be especially important if you plan on utilizing your device amongst family members and/or friends.
  • Types of shoes it can treat – Some sanitizers are made just for certain types of shoegear such as boots, etc. To me… you definitely get more bang-for-your-buck when your device can be utilized with ANY type of shoe. Most of the products that offer this versatility will come with a protective bag which provides the ability to utilize the device with a multitude of shoe styles including boots, sandals, tennis shoes and heels.
  • Safety features – Because many sanitizers utilize Ultraviolet light (UV) to get the job done, we do have to be concerned about safety. UV light can damage the eyes if direct contact is made. You want to look for a device with an automatic shutoff AND that boasts a protective bag that you can utilize when using the product on a shoe style that does not completely cover the UV bulb such as sandals.
  • Replacement bulbs – In any model that utilizes the UV light, you will eventually have to replace the UV bulb as its effectiveness will decrease in strength with time. This is expected as it is with any light bulb. Typically, with daily use, the bulbs should last about two years prior to having to replace. I will say, though, that in the lesser quality devices, I have seen bulbs having to be replaced every few months.
  • Treatment time – Treatment time is definitely a variant amongst the different shoeTimer sanitizers available on the market. This may be an important factor to some and less important to others, but I thought that I would include this feature in something to evaluate amongst the products. Treatment time ranges from about 15 minutes up to 6 hours with the different devices. You do want to make sure to purchase a product that you will be compliant in using in order to really treat the condition that you purchased the product for. If that means that it needs to have a shorter treatment time, then please purchase a product that provides this! You need to be fully satisfied with whatever device you choose!
  • Guarantee/Warranty – You want to find a product that is backed by its company! If a company is confident enough to provide a guarantee or warranty that the product will work… you have NOTHING to lose in trying their product!

I do want to warn you…there are many cheap products that either simply do not work OR break after your first couple of uses.

Picture of Wasted Money

This is my field of expertise and I DO NOT WANT YOU TO WASTE YOUR MONEY!

How to Find the Best Shoe Sterilizer

When you spend your money on a shoe sterilizer, you want something that works and will last.

I definitely recommend that you utilize the above-features in your search to make sure that you are getting EXACTLY what you want.

I have purchased items in the past only to find myself disappointed in the end and I know what a bad feeling that can be… like throwing money down the drain!

Wasting Money

You want a product that is economical yet highly functional!

Because I work with feet on a daily basis, I have already done my research on shoe sterilizers! I recommend them all of the time.

If you would like, feel free to click HERE to visit and read my personal product review of what I have found to be the best shoe sterilizer on the market OR you can click the link below to go directly and purchase my favorite, most efficient shoe sanitizer!


It has been tried-and-true with my personal patients and they are ecstatic with the results that they obtain by using this product.


Don’t let smelly feet and shoes and/or unsightly fungus take control over your life!

Find the best shoe sterilizer for you and use it!


Cure Ex Laser Reviews – Get Rid of Ugly Nails

Have you been searching for an alternative way to treat thick, yellow toenails?


Does the mere thought of initiating a treatment plan to cure toenail fungus make you cringe just thinking about it?

If you are worried about inconvenient, daily treatments consisting of messy solutions, creams or lotions then let me tell you about a product that will actually work to combat toenail fungus in a clean, effective way.

I do understand the fact that some individuals simply prefer a cure for toenail fungus that does not involve the application of topical solutions multiple times per day.


I have not only done my research, but I have actually tested this product on hundreds of my patients. And… it REALLY works!

What is this amazing product that I am speaking of?

It is called Cure Ex Laser and I am here to tell you all about this amazing product via a review!

Product: Cure Ex LaserCure Ex Laser Reviews Finger

Price: $279.00

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Size: Palm-Size & Portable

Batteries: One Lithium Ion Battery

My Rating: 9.8 out of 10


Cure Ex Laser Reviews, My Goal

In multiple Cure Ex Laser Reviews, you will read about this new, revolutionary treatment device and how it is a technological breakthrough, but… here, as a podiatric physician, I want to really delve into this product and breakdown the pros and cons as well as how it works and what you can actually expect!Picture of Thumbs Up

With over 20% of the adult population suffering from some form of onychomycosis (nail/toenail fungus), it is essential that any treatment medium that I recommend meet certain standards to combat the root of the problem versus merely masking the symptoms… my name depends on it!

So… sit back and enjoy my review of the Cure Ex Laser!

What is The Cure Ex Laser Nail Fungus Treatment Device?

The Cure Ex Laser is a pain-free, chemical-free, non-invasive device that utilizes both blue light energy and pulse laser radiation as a form of low level laser therapy in order to effectively combat both fingernail and toenail fungus with no side effects.

The device fits in the palm of your hand and is portable enabling you to treat your problem in the comfort of your own home while watching television or reading a book.

The mechanism of action of this product is two-fold.

First, the transitory laser pulses infiltrate deep into the nail bed (where the fungusCALL TO ACTION TO FIX UGLY NAILS originates).

These laser pulses stimulate the formation of tiny molecules termed ATP molecules, which enhances blood flow and enriches oxygen to the infected nail.

To put it simply, ATP molecules are energy-rich and, when over-stimulated, they eventually prevent the fungi from absorbing the raw materials necessary to sustain them. So… the fungus dies!

That is put very simply… if you would like a more in-depth layout of this process, feel free to comment below and we can go into greater detail! ((:

Secondly, the blue light works to destroy the fungal matter found on the visible surface of the affected nail.

So, with daily use, we eventually get destruction of nail fungus and acceleration of growth of healthy nails with the use of this device.

Cure Ex Laser is currently in process of registration by the FDA, but is already approved by the Ministry of Health, European CE mark.


Sure… Cure Ex Laser Is Expensive, But It Is All-Inclusive

To some, the price tag of $279 can seem quite expensive for the treatment of fungal nails. But… most of my patients have spent way more than that in their search for a cure!

When you compare this one-time price to all other antifungal treatments, this price is very economical. Think of all the money that you have spent or will spend on doctor appointments along with all the various creams and ointments that lead you to a deadPICTURE OF MONEY end!

Also, if you have looked into laser therapy for fungal nails at your physician’s office, then you will KNOW what a steal this product is! Wow… the price of that in-office treatment can reach into the thousands of dollars!

This is all you need… it is a one-time purchase. You do NOT have to continue buying an additional item to go with this product.

In addition, with the Cure Ex Laser, you have the capability to not only treat all of yourPICTURE REPRESENTING SAVING MONEY VIA CURE EX LASER fingernails and toenails, BUT other family members and/or friends can utilize the same device to treat any problems that they may be experiencing on their nails.

With the safe technology (the blue light) that comprises this product and destroys bacteria, there is no fear of cross-infection to other toes, fingers or loved ones.

What a steal!

The device is small and fully portable which allows you to move the product from room-to-room or home-to-home with ease!

There are similar products out there that are slightly less costly, such as the Nail Cleaning Laser Device, BU and the HOMLEE Laser Device, but… they are imitations of the Cure Ex Laser and I cannot guarantee their effectiveness like I can with this product!

Why spend a little less money originally only to have to go back and buy the real deal?

How to Use the Cure Ex Antifungal Laser

Cure Ex Laser Reviews Toe

Once you receive your Cure Ex Laser, you are ready to begin!

Treatment is a breeze and so simple that even a child could go through the motions.

You simply insert your battery into the device, place it on your nail every day for 7 minutes and you are on your way to healthy, beautiful nails.


I have included a video for visual clarification.

It IS IMPERATIVE that you utilize this product daily for 3-4 months to achieve the utmost superior results.

But… this is the case with any prescription OR over-the-counter treatments for toenail and/or nail fungus of which most of them do NOT work.

And… while results may vary, many report significant and obvious improvements after using daily for just four weeks!

It’s Conclusive, Cure Ex Laser Reviews Are Positive

If you are searching for just the right product that you can utilize at home, your search is over!

Cure Ex Antifungal Laser is one of the highest ranking options available.

This treatment is non-invasive, painless, absent of side effects, safe, economical, easy and effective!

Here are some reviews of some that have had experience with Cure Ex Laser.PICTURE OF CURE EX LASER REVIEWSAfter studying the mechanism of action of Cure Ex Antifungal Laser and hearing reviews of patient’s that absolutely love this product, I am confident that you will be satisfied with the beautiful results of healthy nails that you will obtain via the use of this device and that is why I gave it a 9.8 score on a scale of 1-10!


Go get those beautiful nails and don’t be embarrassed by your hands or feet any longer!


I hope you enjoyed my review of Cure Ex Laser and if you have any further questions about this device OR want to leave your own personal experience/review with this product, feel free to leave a comment below!


Dr. Misty

Podiatric Physician and Owner of

The Best Antifungal Nail Polish Reviews

If you are wondering if IT IS OK TO USE NAIL POLISH ON FUNGAL NAILS, the answer is YES!! (You can click HERE to read more on this topic.)

The real question now becomes, “What is the best antifungal nail polish to use?”.Best Antifungal Nail Polish Review

I have summarized a list below to include two options for the best antifungal nail polish. These include:

  • Dr. Remedy Nail Polish and
  • DaniPro Antifungal Nail Polish.

I recommend these two brands to my patients all-day, every day and am confident that you will be just as pleased with the results as they are!



Dr. Remedy Nail Polish

Price: Varies ($17-$35)Picture of Dr. Remedy Nail Polish Bundle

The price to purchase Dr. Remedy Nail Polish varies based upon the product and color that you are purchasing, but has a range of around $17 up to just over $35 for packages of multiple colors!

The best deal offered for this product is available HERE for a price of $34.37 which includes the Two-in-one-Glaze (Base Coat) for providing additional antifungal features along with two additional colors.

Cheapest Place to Buy:

My Ranking: 9.5 out of 10!


History of Dr. Remedy Nail Polish

Dr. Remedy Nail Polish was created by two of my colleagues, Dr. Adam Cirlincione and Dr. William Spielfogel, who are board certified, practicing podiatrists.

This product was created to fill a void voiced by their patients who struggled with nail disfigurement.

Dr. Remedy Nail Polish – Product Overview

Dr. Remedy Nail Polish is an enriched polish that not only provides a cover-up for unsightly APMA Stamp of Approvalnails, but also works to fight the fungus that is causing the disfigurement.

This nail polish was the first of its kind to be granted the Seal of Approval of the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association).

Dr. Remedy Nail Polish works to promote superlative health of your nails as it is enriched with only the best organic ingredients to fight fungus and stimulate health.

The following ingredients are included within Dr. Remedy Nail Polish:CHECK OUT THE AMAZING INGREDIENTS IN ZETA CLEAR NAIL SOLUTION

    • Tea Tree Oil,
    • Garlic Bulb Extract (Allicin),
    • Vitamin C,
    • Vitamin E,
    • Wheat Protein and
    • Biotin.

Smelling less-potent than traditional polishes, Dr. Remedy Nail Polish is purchasable in a multitude of aesthetically enjoyable shades… 41 to be exact!

And… for the men who are in need of a slight cover-up, this company recommends Loyal Linen, Promising Pink or Purity Pink depending on skin tone in order to obscure that unattractive discoloration.


Dr. Remedy Nail Polish – Application & Wearability

Following proper preparation of your nails, application is a breeze.


You simply:

    1. Apply one coat of the 2-in-1 Glaze (Base Coat) and allow to dry.
    2. Apply two coats of the Dr. Remedy Nail Polish color of your choice.
    3. Apply one last coat of the 2-in-1 Glaze to seal your color.

Dr. Remedy Nail Polish should last between 5-7 days on your fingernails and up to one month on your toenails.

My Final Thoughts on Dr. Remedy Nail Polish

Dr. Remedy Nail Polish is a great option for an effective antifungal nail polish!

Go ahead… take the plunge and get to painting right away. You can easily purchase this product right now by clicking HERE!


DaniPro Antifungal Nail Polish

Price: Varies ($12-$37)DaniPro Antifungal Nail Polish

The price to purchase DaniPro Antifungal Nail Polish varies based upon the product and color that you are purchasing, but has a range of around $12 up to $37.

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Ranking: 9.3/10


History of DaniPro Antifungal Nail Polish

DaniPro Antifungal Nail Polish was created by a colleague, Dr. Gary Evans, who is a board certified podiatrist that has been in practice for over 30 years with an office located in New York City.

Dr. Evans has been featured on Good Morning America and serves as an innovator within the treatment of toenail fungus.

The name DaniPro is inspired by his daughter, Danielle.

DaniPro Antifungal Nail Polish – Product Overview:

DaniPro Antifungal Nail Polish is comprised to offer a health-conscious alternative to just any old nail polish.

It is marketed as not only antifungal nail polish, but also as a chemical-free nail PICTURE OF WORD AWESOMEstrengthener utilizing the following ingredients in order to both combat fungus AND stimulate healthy nail growth:

    • Undecylenic Acid,
    • B7 (Biotin),
    • Vitamin E and
    • Vitamin A.

DaniPro Antifungal Nail Polish prides itself in being free from the 8 most harmful chemicals common in the traditional nail polishes. These chemicals include Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde resin, Toluene, DBT (Dibutyl Phthalate), TPHP, Xylene, Ethyl Tosylamide and Parabens.

In addition, DaniPro products are never tested on animals.

DaniPro Antifungal Nail Polish is available in 20 aesthetically pleasing colors in addition to a separate base coat and top coat.


DaniPro Antifungal Nail Polish – Application & Wearability

Following proper preparation of your nails, application is simple.

Perform the following:

    1. Using smooth strokes, apply one coat of the base polish.
    2. Shake your DaniPro Antifungal Nail Polish color of choice well and then follow with a gentle roll of the bottle between your fingers and palm.
    3. Apply two coats of the polish with light-handed strokes allowing the first coat to dry completely prior to application of the second.
    4. Apply the quick-drying topcoat to seal your color and get one last boost of the fortifying active ingredients.


It is recommended that DaniPro Antifungal Nail Polish be replaced every 7 days on both the fingernails and toenails.

My Final Thoughts on DaniPro Antifungal Nail Polish

DaniPro Antifungal Nail Polish is another great option for an effective antifungal nail polish!

I gave this polish a slightly lower ranking than the Dr. Remedy Nail Polish above because of both the inability to purchase more cost-efficiently as a bundle and due to the fact that the base coat and topcoat require the purchase of two separate items versus the one.

BUT… DaniPro Antifungal Nail Polish is still a wonderful option and categorized as the best antifungal nail polish!


To get started with DaniPro base coat, click HERE!

To choose your DaniPro color of choice, click HERE!

To purchase the DaniPro top coat, click HERE!

I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed my review on the top two antifungal nail polishes!

As always, I encourage you to comment below with any questions or concerns. I am truly here to help!

In addition, please feel free to comment below on any of your experiences with either of these two products OR to share your favorite antifungal nail polish.


Dr. Misty

Podiatric Physician and Owner of

Antifungal Nail Polish – Does it Exist and Can We Use It?

It is obvious that you have reached this page due to a quite embarrassing situation… your toenail fungus. Ewwwww!!!

Do not fret… I am a podiatrist and I am here to help you!

Whether you have an upcoming vacation on the beach, a wedding to attend or just want to wear those new, cute sandals, you should NOT have to worry about thick, ugly toenails beaming at everyone around you!

That is why I would like to tell you how you can effectively hide nail fungus with what we call, antifungal nail polish!

This can be used in conjunction with one of the other many treatment options for this condition (CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT THESE OPTIONS) or, if you have a very mild case of this disease, alone!

Antifungal Nail Polish on Feet

Can We Use Nail Polish to Mask Ugly Nails?

Can I use nail polish to cover my ugly toenails?

That is definitely one of the more frequently asked questions in my office!

Regretfully speaking, most of our major nail polishes are NOT recommended to use when you are suffering from thick, crumbly, discolored nails (i.e. nail fungus).PICTURE OF NAIL POLISH WITH A LINE THROUGH IT

So… my answer is usually, NO… you cannot use just ANY nail polish when you have toenail fungus.

Let me explain myself…

Fungi love and thrive in dark, warm and moist environments. You can read more about this by learning The Risk Factors of Toenail Fungus!

When we apply average, traditional polish to our nails and/or toenails that have fungus we are trapping that fungi within its perfect breeding ground!

We are not only merely concealing this ugly problem, but we are also allowing it to manifest and rapidly multiply which in-turn causes this nasty disease to magnify.

We definitely do NOT want this!

Not All Nail Polish is Created Equal

Is there a nail polish that is the exception to the rule OR are we doomed to accept the fact that close-toed shoes are our only option to cosmetically hide this unsightly disorder?Hiding ugly feet with shoes

The answer is YES… there IS polish that does exist that will not cause more harm than good; and NO… we are not limited to hiding our feet or hands in constrictive clothing!!!

There IS a solution to our problem… we CAN mask this horrible sight-for-sore-eyes AND actually aid in the treatment of this infection!

If you would like to go straight to my review of the top two antifungal nail polish solutions, click HERE now!

Now…onto what this special polish would consist of…

Antifungal Nail Polish

What Would an Antifungal Nail Polish Entail?

When I began my vast search for an “allowable” antifungal nail polish to recommend to myAntifungal Nail Polish Research patient’s suffering with this condition, I knew that I was searching for a dual-purpose product that not only addressed the aesthetics involved, but also for something that would have success in attacking the root of the problem… the fungus!

I was looking for active ingredients!!!

I came to the conclusion that our typical, natural antifungal ingredients infused into a product that could seep through the nail directly into the nail bed was a must!

Some of the active ingredients I was searching for were Undecylenic Acid, Tea Tree Oil and Amorolfine! These ingredients would attack the fungus beginning at the level of its cell membrane in order to inactivate and eradicate it.PICTURE OF TOENAIL ART WITH ANTIFUNGAL NAIL POLISH

Also… believe it or not, I do understand the cosmetic desires of women and their nails… I am a woman too!

We love products that are available in a variety of vibrant colors! We do not like BORING!

But… the product I was searching for also needed to include a clear tone. WE CANNOT FORGET OUR MEN!!!

Application of an Antifungal Nail Polish

Once I narrowed down exactly what I was searching for, I then pondered on how the application of an antifungal nail polish would work.

What would be the best way to apply this polish in order to maximize the effectiveness of the product?

Antifungal Nail Polish PreparationI came up with a routine to get in the habit of performing when preparing your nails or toenails for polish application.

  1. Preparation of Your Nails and/or Toenails – You can visit my page HERE to see how to properly trim thick toenails. This also applies to fingernails as well! When you areCALL TO ACTION FOR HOW TO TRIM THICK NAILS satisfied with your performance and prior to applying anything to the nail, make sure to wash away any debris left behind and then thoroughly dry your nails and the surrounding skin! You are now ready to begin!!!
  2. Base Coat Application – An antifungal nail polish should have an available medicated base coat. This is VERY important. The utilization of a non-medicated base coat, defeats the purpose of using an antifungal polish!!! Apply your base coat and allow this to fully dry…this should take no longer than 30 minutes! Some of the antifungal nail polish simultaneously includes a bottle of the coinciding base coat.
  3. Application of The Best Antifungal Nail Polish – Directions for application of your polish vary slightly depending on the brand. It is imperative to read application instructions for each of the best antifungal nail polish brands that I recommend! You can do that HERE!

Expose Those Beautiful Tootsies

There you have it! You absolutely CAN utilize polish to hide this embarrassing condition, Antifungal Nail Polish on Beautiful FeetBUT it HAS to be an antifungal nail polish in order to simultaneously mask your disfigured nail AND treat the root of the problem to prevent progression of your disease.

Hallelujah! Go ahead and go for it!

Go showcase your beautiful nails! This is the PERFECT solution for your problems!

Now that you have your answer, I have a recommendation for SEVERAL options for the best antifungal nail polish!

Yes… I found more than one! Please click HERE to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each and then GET TO PAINTING!!!