REVITIVE Circulation Booster Reviews

As a podiatric physician, I often see many devastating complications resulting from decreased circulation.

When my patients ask me what they can do to help increase the circulation to their feet and legs, it thrills me knowing that they are taking a pro-active approach to their health.

This, in turn, led me to research devices called circulation boosters.

In doing so, there wasPicture of Revitive Circulation Booster one device that clearly stood above all the others in increasing circulation to the lower extremity… The REVITIVE Circulation Booster.

After seeing the results that my personal patients obtained from utilizing the REVITIVE Circulation Booster, I am here to prevent you from throwing away your hard-earned money on devices that simply just don’t help.

Below, I have provided my own review of as well as the reviews of many individuals who have personal experience with The REVITIVE Circulation Booster.


Prior to you reading the reviews of the REVITIVE Circulation Booster, I feel it necessary (for completeness’ sake) for a quick tour of our circulatory system so that you can better understand just how a circulation booster can help.

A Brief Review of our Circulatory System

Our circulatory system is responsible for sending blood, containing oxygen and nutrients,Picture of Blood Flow for Revitive Circulation Booster Reviews throughout our bodies.

The adequate functioning of this system is vital to maintain a well-functioning, pain free body for happy, healthy living.

Sometimes, individuals experience decreased blood circulation, especially in our feet and legs.

This can be a very serious problem.

This means the blood flow to a particular part of your body is reduced. Hence, we term this poor or reduced circulation.

PICTURE OF ANIMATED LEG WITH POOR BLOOD CIRCULATIONBecause our legs and feet are farthest from the heart along with the fact that de-oxygenated blood returning to our heart must travel against gravity, we find the condition of reduced circulation to be most prevalent in the feet.

The causes of decreased blood flow can be numerous and can include serious health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, heart conditions and arterial disease just to name a few.

However, in the absence of correlating health conditions, the primary cause of poor circulation is simply a lack of exercise with age and diet following.

Some of the most common symptoms that you may experience when you have decreased circulation include pain in the feet and legs, tired, aching feet and legs, muscle cramps, swelling, cold feet and toes, a generalized weakness and tingling and numbness.

In addition, poor circulation can inhibit disorders of the feet from healing properly.

SomePicture of Thick Toenails conditions that may heal inadequately due to decreased blood flow include ulcers (sores) on the feet, Athlete’s Foot and toenail fungus. The blood flow just isn’t there!

For individuals that encounter non-health related poor circulation, and whom are looking to increase blood flow to the feet and legs, there are many remedies to consider.

Historically, walking, massage, herbs and some other natural options deemed to be fairly effective.

But… one relatively new remedy to amp up circulation has hit the market… it is called a circulation booster!

What Is a Circulation Booster? – Can It Really Help?

A circulation booster is a machine devised to stimulate muscles of the lower extremity of your body thereby aiding blood flow to the feet and legs.

The right machine can definitely help get your blood pumping.

This, in turn, can diminishPICTURE OF INCREASED BLOOD FLOW the tired, aching feet and legs, cramping, coldness and the many other symptoms that often accompany reduced circulation.

I will tell you with my own review plus a small section of reviews from customers, why the REVITIVE Circulation Booster is a step above all others.

If you experience symptoms of poor circulation for the first time, you should definitely visit and discuss this with your doctor.

However, if no medical condition exists, you will be informed to increase exercise in order to aid the pumping of blood in your lower extremity.

This is where a circulation booster can help.

The right circulation booster should improve circulation in order to strengthen your leg muscles thereby relieving your aches and pains.

Below, you will find my personal review as well as reviews from independent users for the REVITIVE Circulation Booster.

I routinely recommend this particular product to my patients with outstanding results!

REVITIVE Circulation Booster Reviews

Product: REVITIVE Circulation BoosterPicture of Revitive Circulation Booster

Price: $285.96

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Size: 15.6 X 3.8 X 14.6 inches

Weight: 5.4 pounds

Batteries: Two AAA Batteries Required (Included)

Guarantee: 60 day refund policy and 2-year warranty

My Rating: 9.4 out of 10


REVITIVE Circulation Booster – What Is It?

The REVITIVE Circulation Booster is exactly what it sounds like… a machine designed to “boost” or increase circulation to your feet and lower legs.

This product is a state-of-the-art device created by one of the most well-known names in its industry… REVITIVE. In fact, REVITIVE was actually the original creator of any “circulation booster”.

With over 1,000,000 purchases and reviews “off-the-charts”, the REVITIVE Circulation Booster is a scientifically tested, drug-free, FDA-cleared medical device that claims to improve the flow of blood to your legs and feet by more than 50%.


In a sense, utilization of this machine provides the benefits of physiotherapy within your own home or office via combating some negative symptoms associated with poor blood circulation such as discomfort, tiredness, cramping, swelling and aching feet and legs just to name a few.

How Does the REVITIVE Circulation Booster Work?

The REVITIVE Circulation Booster utilizes EMS – Electrical Muscle Stimulation – TechnologyPicture of Revitive circulation booster increasing circulation in order to improve blood flow to the legs and feet.

This machine is designed to combat a sedentary lifestyle as well as the gravitational influence of our blood flow.

How does it do this?

Let’s get a little scientific…

The EMS is elicited by electrical pulses, or impulses, that mimic the action sent from your central nervous system and stimulate nerve endings in your feet which travel up your legs thereby causing your muscles to contract.

When your muscles contract, or move, blood flow is stimulated.

I have included the video below to try and help you understand exactly how this works.

Some refer to the action of the REVITIVE Circulation Booster as acting as a “second heartbeat” within the lower extremity as it aids in moving the blood back up towards the main body and increases blood flow.


What Features are included within the REVITIVE Circulation Booster?

While there are many great features included within many of the circulation boosters on the market today, the REVITIVE Circulation Booster stands above others and offers a fully customizable approach for its users offering the following features.

  • 99 Intensity Levels.

Because everybody is different, this circulation booster has numerous sensitivity settings.PICTURE OF INTENSITY OF REVITIVE CIRCULATION BOOSTER Users can experiment with multiple settings and find what is most comfortable to them and what achieves their desired results.

In order to fit multiple individual needs, you can choose among 99 different intensity levels in order to add just the right amount of pressure for your feet and legs.

The idea is to increase the intensity slowly until you can see or feel your calf muscles begin to contract. This phenomenon will occur at different levels for different users.

You may also see that as you use this product, your desired intensity level may slowly change.

  • 15 Stimulation Waveforms.

In addition to customizing the intensity level, you can also choose among 15 different PICTURE OF REVITIVE CIRCULATION BOOSTERWidepulse Waveform options. This is a unique patent-pending feature of the REVITIVE Circulation Booster.

Why is this important? Simple.

This feature prevents your muscles from adapting to the same repetitive motion and becoming complacent.

In a sense, it keeps your body guessing and working to achieve improved blood flow.

  • IsorRocker System.

The unique feature of the 20 degree “IsoRocker” System allows your ankle joints to gently and involuntarily rock back and forth throughout the stimulation of muscle contractions.

This provides a heel-toe movement that further increases blood flow throughout the foot and ankle along with increasing the comfort factor throughout the treatment.

  • Remote Control.

For ease of use and to prevent the user from having to bend towards their feet, the manufacturer also includes a remote control.

Picture of Revitive Circulation Booster Reviews of Features


How Do You Use the REVITIVE Circulation Booster? – Is It Hard to Set Up and Work?

This particular circulation booster is very easy to set up and will have you “boosting your circulation” in no time.

You simply follow the simple steps outlined below and you are on your way to better circulatory health.

1. Place the unit on the floor. You can use this device literally anywhere with cordless freedom.

2. Place your bare feet on the market foot pads. This is the area that the electrical pulses will work to stimulate your nerves and result in pulsed contractions of the feet and lower legs.

3. Choose your intensity level. There are 99 different levels of intensity to choose from.

4. Choose your stimulation waveform. There are 15 different Widepulse waveform options.

5. Relax for the next 20-30 minutes while the machine does its job! You can enjoy a good book or watch some TV.


How Will I Benefit from the REVITIVE Circulation Booster – What Can I Expect?

Why should you invest in the REVITIVE Circulation Booster?

This is a question that I get often. The answer is simple.

Are suffering from any of the following:

  • tired, achy, swollen feet,
  • cold feet,
  • toenail fungus or foot fungus that just won’t heel or
  • numbness and tingling in your legs and feet

Guess what? You will definitely benefit from the REVITIVE Circulation Booster.CALL TO ACTION FOR REVITIVE CIRCULATION BOOSTER

Increased circulation, or blood flow, can easily eliminate these symptoms and provide you with increased comfort.

I trust my patients and… believe me, I hear a LOT of feedback from my patients on the products that I recommend to them.

Most seem to experience a pleasant tingling sensation upon initial use of the REVITIVE Circulation Booster followed by a reported reduction in aches and pains, improved circulatory function and decreased swelling.

I have included some statements from individuals, just like you, that have invested in the REVITIVE Circulation Booster.

Picture of Revitive Circulation Booster Reviews


Who Should NOT Use the REVITIVE Circulation Booster?

While the REVITIVE Circulation Booster is completely safe for most, there are a minute population of individuals whom should NOT use this device.

The situations in which the REVITIVE Circulation Booster is contraindicated (should NOT be used) include the following:

    • Presence of a cardiac pacemaker
    • Presence of an implanted defibrillator
    • Presence of any implanted electronic device
    • Presence of a metallic implant
    • Symptoms of a DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis/blood clot)
    • Pregnancy

Advantages & Disadvantages of the REVITIVE Circulation Booster

While the reviews for the REVITIVE Circulation Booster are jaw-dropping, there ARE other circulation boosters on the market.PICTURE OF AN EXCITED PERSON

Even though my personal patients rant-and-rave over their success with this particular device, in fairness sake, I must be careful to weigh this device among its competitors.

I mean… this is one of the most expensive devices in its industry.

With that being said, I would like to point out the advantages and disadvantages that I see pertaining to the REVITIVE Circulation Booster.

It IS an investment and you should be certain that this is the right solution for you and meets your individual needs prior to making the purchase.


    • Recognition by the FDA as a Class 2 Medical Device
    • The use of innovative technology to optimize enhanced circulation
    • 99 speed/intensity variations
    • 15 wavelength variants
    • 60-day refund policy and 2-year warranty


    • Expense… One of the most expensive on the market

The Results… Is the REVITIVE Circulation Booster Worth It? Absolutely!

If you weight the advantages and disadvantages of the REVITIVE Circulation Booster, youPicture of Thumbs Up will find that the added product features and advancements that this product prides itself in justifies its price.

The REVITIVE Circulation Booster is a product that through both studies AND patient testimonies has proven itself time and again to really do what it says… boost the circulation in your feet and legs.

If this is what you are looking to achieve then look no further… you have found the BEST Circulation booster… the REVITIVE!

Whether you are looking to improve your own health or that of a loved one, give the gift that will provide results… GIVE THE REVITIVE CIRCULATION BOOSTER!



I hope that you have enjoyed this review of the REVITIVE Circulation Booster and that it has fueled you with the knowledge necessary to make an informed purchase.

As with any of my reviews, I look forward to hearing your comments and questions AND your owns reviews of this product in the comments section below!


Dr. Misty

Podiatric Physician and Owner of

12 thoughts on “REVITIVE Circulation Booster Reviews

  1. I like the idea of my feet being healthy. I know that I have poor circulation and I really feel that this product would help tremendously.

    I have started saving now and will be back with my review as soon as possible.

    Thank you for this recommendation.

  2. Hi Dr. Misty,

    I’m glad I read this post. I’m a catering manager for a hotel. It’s nothing for me to put on over 18000 steps in a shift. Depending on the function of course.

    During the summer, I will add to this walking because I like to do the walking trails around town for both exercise and the views.

    When I’m not working, I’m in front of my computer and am usually there for hours. I am aware of sitting too long and do get up every hour or so just to stretch out my legs.

    What I do notice while I am sitting is that I will get a slight ache in the lower legs and feet. They don’t appear to swell, they just have a heavy feeling. Especially when it’s been a busy walking day at work. It doesn’t seem to happen during the summer when I am going on additional walks though.

    Last year I put on over 1000 Kilometers from May to October too.

    I’m thinking that a circulation booster like REVITIVE, may alleviate some of the aches and heavy feeling if I use it while writing at my computer. I don’t have any medical conditions that I know of that may account for this feeling.

    When I go to bed, I do elevate my legs under a pillow, for this seems to get rid of that heavy feeling, and I feel great for another day.

    Your post gave me something to think about for sure.


    1. Hello Frank! I am so glad that you found my post useful.

      I am absolutely stunned by your 18,000 steps in a day… Keep it up and you will have walked enough to circle the earth 7 times in your lifetime. Wowsers!

      It sounds as though you are working your poor feet to the max… especially in the summer time when you add your additional walks. Elevating your feet at night is awesome. This helps gravity pull the blood in your feet back up to your heart! Which is exactly what we want to happen!

      The REVITIVE Circulation Booster would be a fabulous addition to your routine! It is a very versatile device and could easily be used under your desk while you are working on your computer! It definitely revamps and revitalizes tired, achy feet! I have attached the link again if you click HERE which provides you with the absolute BEST PRICE on this product! Please… come back for a review after you have purchased this device. You will NOT regret it and I can’t wait to hear about your positive results. It can literally change the life of your feet and legs!

      Should you think of any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment anytime and I will get back with you! Have a fabulous day!

  3. I really enjoyed your article on revitive circulation booster, I did not know that such a product existed but now that I do, I will be telling some of my friends to look up your website because it looks like they will benefit tremendously from this product. I know of at least 2 friends with bad circulation in there feet, can’t wait to call them.
    Thank you,

    1. Jesus,

      Thank you for visiting my site and thank you for discussing your friends’ health with them. It sounds as if you are a great friend!

      While there are several circulation boosters on the market, I can definitely vouch that The REVITIVE Circulation Booster truly increases your circulation! My patients using this device have had profound results superior to those that have reported using other brands.

      Thanks again and I want you to know that should you or your friends have any further questions or concerns about this product or circulation boosters in general, I am here to help. Feel free to comment and I will get back with you!

  4. This was a great review of Revitive. I am a huge proponent of using exercise to increase circulation, but there are times when people get so sick that they can’t exercise and this would help them immensely. Having proper circulation helps you to eliminate toxins and waste from metabolism. This product is ideal for people like my sister who have diabetes and therefore often develop foot problems.

    1. Thank you Melinda!

      Exercise absolutely is a fabulous way to increase circulation (with many other benefits as well). But… you are absolutely correct in stating that some people just can’t exercise or have other medical conditions that can deeply affect the feet and legs such as diabetes. In addition, some people just want that extra boost to leave them with refreshed and rejuvenated feet and legs while sitting at the office or sitting at home.

      I have had patients that have tried multiple brands of circulation boosters, and the REVITIVE Circulation Booster truly is the most superior product on the market with the highest rate of effectiveness.

      I wish the best for you and your sister! Sounds like you might could benefit from some of my recommendations of unique gifts (click the link) come gifting time! ((: Should you think of any questions or concerns surrounding circulation boosters OR any other problems with the feet, please feel free to comment and I will get back with you. I am here to help!!

  5. I really like seeing devices like this that can help improve circulation rather instantly. Diabetes runs in my family and every time I feel a lack of circulation in my feet, I get worried. I am glad to know that there are many causes in addition to diabetes that can cause poor circulation. I will definitely be recommending this to diabetics I know that need help with their circulation.

    1. Hello Michael and thank you for visiting my article… REVITIVE Circulation Booster Reviews. I am so glad that you found this post informative. Circulation boosters CAN definitely make a large impact… especially with diabetics. I know that spending $272 on a product can seem excessive, but for the results achieved with this device, it is money WELL spent! We only have one pair of legs and feet to last a lifetime! We have to take care of them!

      If you have any further questions regarding the REVITIVE Circulation Booster OR anything else to do with the feet, please feel free to comment and I will get back with you! I am here to help! Thank you and have a fabulous day!

  6. Misty,
    Thank you for the recommendation and explaining our circulatory system. My feet are always cold, I often experience muscle cramps. I dance the Argentinian tango, and it feels like the blood circulation in the legs & feet must get boosted from the dancing, but I think that I get more cramps as my feet and legs get tired after 2- 4 hours of dancing. I really like the idea of the Circulation Booster. The price is the problem, though…

    1. Hello Julia and thank you for visiting my post on REVITIVE Circulation Booster Reviews. I am very pleased that you found this both educational and helpful!

      The muscle cramps and coldness that you are experiencing are definitely signs of inadequate or decreased circulation. You are correct in stating that your dancing is definitely great for circulation! However… some people do need a little additional boost.

      That is where Circulation Boosters come in to play. There are a wide variety of circulation boosters on the market today. I have seen some of them work very minimally though and sadly, these tend to be the circulation boosters that are available at a lower cost. I only feel comfortable recommending products that I am sure, beyond a shadow-of-doubt work effectively. I would never want to recommend a product solely based on a cheaper price that I know will not provide the optimal benefits that it should.

      I would recommend to avoid wasting your money on ones that don’t work and just set aside a little bit of money each week until you can purchase the REVITIVE Circulation Booster. Once it arrives… you will never regret your hard-earned purchase!

      I hope this helped. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to comment again and I will get back with you! ((:

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